Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Indoor garlic update

The indoor garlic seems to have acclimated well to its new home. I also threw in some arugula seeds in the container. I had it sitting on a windowsill with the curtain closed so it was completely out of my mind. Today, I took a peak at it and the arugula seedlings had popped up. The garlic also looks like it grew a little bit.
Garlic and arugula seedlings (6 days old)
The arugula seedlings are tiny but look very strong.  I'm not sure if it is a good idea to put so much in one pot, but I think it will look nice. 


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    1. Yey! The more the merrier! Welcome to the world of blogging:)

  2. This sounds like a good Idea, what about cilantro with garlic, arugula with shallots, or Asian greens with scallions in the middle, etc.

    I know what you are thinking. I may not be right, but you have not been able to locate water chestnuts?? Happened to me, I once bought a pack ate them raw or with stir-fries only saved one, yet died from not being watered :( .

    1. You are giving me great ideas! I was going to make a pot of cilantro...maybe I cn plant it with some shallots!

      I did find water chestnuts...they are sitting in water but it isn't doing anything...for about a month now. I'm about ready to give up. Did u find the Jerusalem artichoke?

    2. I am glad for you, Shallots grow quickly.

      That seems odd, water chestnuts for me did grow super fast. Is the shoots on the top growing, & do they have roots? maybee they were not fresh enough. No, I have yet locate Jerusalem artichoke ];

    3. Well, if you are interested. I have one extra tuber left in my fridge - it should still be OK if you wanted to try I can send it to you. I don't know what is up with the chestnuts but I might just forgo them.

  3. Pretty little babies!
    I have found that things can grow well closer together than the seeds packets tell us, especially if the soil is good.
    Happy gardening!
    Lea's Menagerie

    1. I will thin them out a little but probably not too much. Thanks for the tip!