Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First harvest...well, sort of...

Mesclun thinned out
Ok, so this isn't really a "harvest", but the mescluns are growing so thick (due to my poor sowing technique) I decided it needed to be thinned out. The package indicates that the seedlings should be about 6 inches apart. I also think these seedlings are little leggy but I'm going to keep it. I only thinned one side of the pot.

I nibbled on one of the seedlings and it tasted like a cross between lettuce and alfalfa. But it was good, so I collected the seedlings
The seedlings post "harvest"

Cleaned the dirt off the seedlings....added it to my arugula salad with crab cakes! It was really very good. I can't wait to get some grown veggies!

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