Sunday, April 3, 2011

Seedlings and the first mistake(s)

   I got some seeds to start seedlings indoors. I went with the pictures on the little packages, but probably should have done some research to see which ones would be good for the weather in this region. The seeds I got were: (Ferry~Morse) peas, homestead tomato, (Burpee) genovese basil, sweet basil, sweet chinese giant peppers, supersweet 100 hybrid and zucchini.
     The first set of seeds were started on March 8th. I made little newpaper pots, got some seed starting soil. First lessen learned, you should mix water into the soil before adding to the pot because the seeds soil is real fluffy and repels water. Anyhow, I started the basil (Genovese), peppers and hybrid 100s. It was placed in a windowsill...and 10 days later this is what I saw:

Pepper seedlings cute
Basil, zoomed out
The basil looked OK, but the peppers look....alfalfa-y and all wrong. I did a little google search and it seems that I didn't have enough light. So I decided to scratch the peppers and start over again. Oh, and the tomatoes never came out - maybe too cold?

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