Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Grilled Eggplants...and the winner is...

Ichiban eggplant, hands down. I grilled the eggplants in the oven whole. The fairytale eggplant actually exploded since I forgot to put a slit in the skin. The picture of the fairytale and gretel eggplant blurred so I don't have any to post but compared to the ichiban eggplant the meat is white and slightly dry.  Compared to the ichiban, the gretel and fairytale lacked flavor. The ichiban most closely resembles the flavor and texture of the eggplants I ate growing up, which may explain my preference for them.
I could tell just as I opened the ichiban that it was different based on the color and juiciness. I ate them all with a little soy sauce and wasabi (I prefer ginger but didn't have any). I still have a couple of the fairtale and gretel left over so I am going to try to make some pasta sauce with it.


  1. Mmmm thanks for the report. I've always been partial to Asian varieties. I am growing 1 Italian type this year just cause another gardener gave me seeds. If summer ever gets here, i'm hoping to do my own taste test!

  2. I am partial to Asian varieties too. I like the long ones rather than the big ball ones. Oh where can I find ichiban eggplant seeds now;-).

  3. I'm partial to Asian eggplants, three. I grow the other kinds more for the look. The gretel eggplant sure look interesting.

  4. Holly - I bet the Italian type would be good for spaghetti sauces.

    MKG - I read they were discontinuing the ichiban eggplants. I was hoping to grow from seeds next year. Maybe I should try to save some seeds.

    Sherry - the fairytale and gretel are definitely better looking eggplants:)

  5. I also prefer Asian eggplants. Unfortunately, I'm never really successful growing any kind... How fun that you get to compare them!