Sunday, November 25, 2012

Harvest Monday - November 26, 2012

Its been some time since my last post. My 2012 garden is really winding down. I need to clean out my community garden...the water has been turned off and most other beds have been cleaned out. I still had a couple of plants in but everything has gone completely wild and weedy. I've just been very lazy. On my balcony, I have lots of greens that I use for smoothies and juices. I plan to just keep them in the container and clear them out when I am ready to start gardening in 2013. I haven't done much with either my balcony container garden or my community garden but I have been harvesting some veggies that are surviving. The lemongrass is so bushy now, I'm thinking about transferring them to containers. Alternatively, I will just cut and freeze them down for tea and maybe a little cooking. So for my last harvest monday of the year (thanks Daphne for hosting the harvest posts), I've got pictures I've collected in the past weeks.
From my balcony garden:
Collards and kale
Chinese Giant Peppers (sweet but not so good for roasting)
Second generation bok choy (collected seeds from last year)
Giant chinese pepper and snap peas
From the community garden:
Medley of eggplants (ichiban, black beauty, Italian)
Lemongrass and beets
Some sweet peppers, longhorn peppers (spicy) and snap peas
Side view, really lots of spicy peppers
Well, another fun season coming to a close. I'll see you all again in 2013! I'm already having fun thinking about what to start for the next season! Happy gardening everyone:)