Sunday, May 22, 2011

Need more space!!

I visited valley view farms, garden center and nursery yesterday to pick up a couple of flowers to attract more bees to the garden now that I have so many flowers. This place was amazing! I've been there a couple of times during the winter but never in the summer. They had amazing selection of vegetables and herbs. I tried to resist, but I found 2 eggplants (Greta and Fairy tale) and a pepper plant (thai pepper) that was calling my name so I relented. But after bringing the plants back home, I realized that I don't have much space left over on my balcony with these new plants plus the 10 seedling of tomato and peppers I have hardening off. I think I will have to grow some of the vegetables in front or back of the house! I love living in the city, but just for this I would like to have a backyard!
The new kids on the block
The other seedlings that will be competing for space on the balcony
 I also bought marigold and a plant called pink alyssum that looked really cute. I want to put it on a these flowers on the railing and bought some brackets that doesn't quite fit on the railing. I will have to go back to get the adjustable kind that I wanted to avoid since it was pricey.
I am sad to report a death in the garden...the arugula. I left the planter outside and I guess the sun and wind was just too strong. I'm going to see if the stronger ones will survive but I think, sadly, this batch will not make it. I will have to try again but maybe wait until it get cooler or something. I didn't want to grow it inside because it just breeds fungus gnats and I don't like the little buggers inside the house.
I've also noticed these little red bugs on the balcony that are tiny tiny. I'm not sure if they are harmful for the plants but everything so far seems to be OK  so I'm not going to worry so much about it. After googling tiny red bugs I think it could be spider mites. Hopefully they will not be harmful.


  1. Nice finds! It's hard to resist isn't it? I have the same problem and space issues. I always want to grow more than my space can fit. LOL. Be sure to inspect nursery plants carefully and seperate them from your seedlings until they pass inspection. I had an awful aphid infestation from nursery plants. Grrrr! I have those tiny red bugs in my yard too. I think they are mites. Maybe spider mites. They suck juice from plants so watch them. I usually use organic spray when I start noticing them.

  2. I am your latest follower and can't believe you grow all of this in pots, good for you. I used to grow lots of veggies but the raccoons keep eating them so I stopped growing them. Hopefully now that I see what you do I can grow some in pots. Hugs...Lu

  3. Sorry to hear about the arugula. Hopefully the next batch will grow much better and fast. Space is never enough to every gardener, you find you need more and more every year:). Fortunately many summer vegetables can be grown vertically. But now I wish with winter veggies there are other climbing veggies other than peas.

  4. Holly, yeah, everytime I pass by a place that looks like they are selling plants I get drawn to it. So far, I have enough real estate! What sort of spray do you use the spider mites?

    Romance, thanks for stopping by. One of the great thing about being on a balcony seems like I have less pest problems. You should definitely try. It is really a lot of fun!

    Malay-Kadazan girl, yeah...I'm sad about the arugula. I'll try again! I hope one day my garden will be half as productive as yours:)