Thursday, May 26, 2011

Such generosity!

Yesterday I got this in the mail from Granny.
I was expecting a few seeds but she sent me a whole bunch of seeds for varieties that she thinks will do well in containers. So nice!! I have to evaluate how much space I have and see if I can try one of them this year. If not, I have SO much to look forward to next year!! \\(^o^)// Thanks granny!
I potted the 3 plants I bought at the nursery. So much fun!
Thai Dragon hot pepper in ~2.5 gallon planter
Fairy tale eggplant in ~2.5 gallon planter
Gretel eggplant in ~4/5 gallon planter


  1. Congrats on your seed stash! Those thai chilis sure pack a punch! I love the eggplant names. So whimsy!

  2. I love the name too! And the pictures of the fruit looked very beautiful so I'm looking forward to taste it too!

  3. how nice! ooh - fairy tale and gretel - some of these names are too much!