Saturday, July 14, 2012

Coffee and flea beetles

The flea beetles problem on the eggplant has subsided a little but it is still persisting. I can only conclude that the coffee treatment is not really working. I cannot even tell if it helped to reduce the flea beetle at all. But I continue treating it with coffee since it makes me feel better. I am starting to see sign of spider mites (definitely in the container ichiban eggplant). I am going to go look for some neem oil this weekend. The black beauty has 2 fruits that are so much bigger than the ichiban.
Black Beauty Eggplant
The classic eggplant that had the biggest black flea damage is starting to flower but it has not yet fruit. I am not sure if it too sick to produce any fruits. I'll continue to let it do its thing.
Classic eggplant still having problems with flea beetle
The little buggers on the leaves
The ichiban eggplant is starting to get yellow at the periphery. I am not sure what is causing it exactly - maybe some sort of deficiency or spider mites maybe some other disease. When I get the neem oil, I will try treating it and maybe give it a dose of bone meal. After harvesting the last of the eggplants, it produced some flowers so I should be harvesting some more eggplants.

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