Monday, July 23, 2012

Harvest Monday - July 23, 2012

I didn't harvest too much last week. The tomatoes in the community garden is starting to brown but there are still a lot of green tomatoes. I'm going to try fertilizing to see if I can keep it alive long enough for the tomatoes to ripen. I did harvest one mortgage lifter - it was cracked a little from all the rain we got last week but it looks nice and plump. The longhorn peppers are turning bright red. They are beautiful and also really spicy. I don't really know what to do with them. My first thought is to dry them and make pepper powder.
Mortgage lifter, supersweet 100, longhorn pepper
The basil is thriving and getting large. I transfered some of the plants so they have more space to grow. I harvested a bowlful to make some pesto. I just love the smell of fresh basil.
I'm linking to the weekly Harvest Monday hosted by Daphne to share my mini-harvest.


  1. Those are really beautiful peppers and I take it they are a nice hot variety? The basil is gorgeous too. I love the smell of fresh basil and sometimes just pinch off a leaf while in the garden and crush it between my finger tips so I can enjoy the scent while out working in the garden. :D

  2. Oh what beautiful peppers I can imagine they looked great growing in the garden. Basil is the scent of summer and who doesn't love pesto.

    1. They are really pretty. I like to watch them turn from green to red!