Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The fighting cherokee purple plant

The cherokee purple tomato plant was looking really sad a month ago.
Cherokee purple 7/3/2012
I wasn't sure if it would survive but I gave it a lot of space, some fresh compost and fertilizer, and planted it deep. And now it has put on some "weight" and even has 2 tiny fruits on it. There are a whole bunch of flowers on the plant but they not fruiting.  Maybe because it is too hot - or it doesn't have enough energy to support more than 2 fruits. Not sure but gardening is all about patience. I'll just have to let it do its thing and see how it does. But I'm happy to see that at least one of my grown-from-seed tomato plant is doing OK.
Cherokee purple 7/25/2012 looking bushier
Two little cherokee purple tomatoes
Unfortunately the branch with these two little tomatoes broke, not completely but most of it tore off the main stem. I propped it back up but I might lose them. BOO! Hopefully the other flowers will produce some fruit.


  1. Came for Harvest MOnday, but saw this. Glad I did. Get some floral tape and try that. Keep a good eye on it though. I hope you can keep 'em!

  2. I hope your CP makes it! My plant was looking rather pathetic when I returned from vacation....leaves were curling. This plant managed to make a comeback and grow new baby shoots. I hope yours recovers also!