Thursday, July 5, 2012

Death in the garden...

The heat and humidity is absolutely terrible! I hope those of you experiencing the heat wave are doing OK. Unfortunately, one of the weak tomato seedling could not withstand the heat. Although it probably would not have survived even if we didn't have the heat wave. Before I went to Japan, my plants were transported to my boyfriend's balcony.
Traveling charm city balcony garden
Plants @ temporary home
The young tomatoes looks leggy
He did a great job taking care of all the plants, but his balcony is shaded throughout the day and only gets a little bit of sun in the morning. My balcony, on the other hand, gets full sun all day. The past couple of days the temperature reached over 120F. The plants are probably in shock with this huge change in environment. I did try to acclimate them, but the weakest seedling (supersweet tomato) did not survive:(
Sad looking supersweet 100
The cherokee purple and pink champion is holding on. I planted a good portion of the tomatoes stem hoping it will produce roots to help it along. Both plants are not very bushy so it I may not get any tomatoes but I'm just going to let it grow and keep my fingers crossed.
Cherokee purple hanging on
Pink Champion tomato
To replace my poor supersweet tomato plant, I started some cucumbers (2 varieties, one is Japanese and the other is a Bush Champion). This will be a little experiment since I think it is a little late to start cucumbers.
Dino kale (left), Japanese cucumber and Champion Bush cucumber


  1. I'm sorry you are having tomato problems. I don't think it's too late to plant cucumbers. I'm going to plant some later this week.

    1. I need to wait for heat wave to pass I think. It is way to hot for anything to survive on that balcony!