Saturday, February 16, 2013

Growing Garlic in container: maybe too late...

Last year, we had one red onion that started to grow shoots. My boyfriend told me to put into some soil and it will grow. It was the end of the season, so most of my pots were empty. I haphazardly plunked the onion in the center of a 5 gallon container, covered it with soil and forgot about it. This year, I noticed green shoots peaking out of the soil. Since the onion is right smack in the middle of the container, there is a lot of extra space around the onion. I wanted make use of the space, so I decided to try planing some garlic. I know it is kind of late in the game, but who knows. Maybe I'll get some tiny bulbs. Let's see how it goes.
Onion shoots in the middle surrounded by 6 cloves (with lots of spilled garlic peel)
Close up of garlic clove, already growing some shoots


  1. I've tried growing garlic for the greens, but here in South Florida garlic doesn't bulb. But I do grow Garlic Chive they taste AWESOME! the garlic greens are way to strong. Shallots do well in containers. Ohh and I found a Kaffir lime plant that I thought It was a regular lime, until I saw the fruit yestarday. Now is my mission to root it.

    1. Very cool. There is a kaffir lime plant at the Thai restaurant I go to once in a while. I am thinking of clipping a branch to get myself a branch!

      I looked around for information on the garlic plant...and I think I might have a chance at small bulbs but most likely I'll get some garlic greens. i'll try to remember to plant some at the end of the season this year.

    2. Well, If they don't root (Kaffir Lime) try growing Lime Basil. I have a Thai friend and she told me to use Lime Basil instead, If they don't root.

      I highly suggest you grow those Garlic Chives they are D*E*L*I*O*U*S. You could plant them anytime they are a perennial. I use to have a clump of those, but they rotted after growing so long. I'm growing from them seed.

      Ohh, And I have a question about sushi rice, I don't like rice vinegar, or any vinegar. Can I use mirin with a pinch of salt since It's already sweet, for sushi?