Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Indoors snow pea container garden and rooting bay leaves?

I'm really excited that the little seedlings are growing quite happily. The snow peas have outgrown their little starting pots and was starting to get big enough to get tangled with each other. Unfortunately, the soil is still frozen and I can't quite move them outside yet. So the only solution is to transfer them to the bigger pots and keep them indoors until it get a little warmer. Usually, I hate brining outside containers indoors because of all the insects living in the soil. I'm just hoping the freeze killed any critters inside so I won't have any creepy crawlies inside the house.
Almost a week and half year old snow pea seedlings
Busting out of the paper pots
I am going to be growing these in the 3 3-gallon mainstay container. I was actually hoping to distributing among more containers for some nitrogen fixing, but it'll have to do for now. I finished transfer to one, I hope to finish the other two in the next few days.
3 gallon container with snow pea...charm city garden container #1!!!
I've never had very good luck trellising always ends up being a tangled mess. For the first container, I am using a combination of plastic poles from the tomato cage and string. I also plan to use metal grids that I used in the community garden if I can still find it. But I must say it was so much fun playing with soil again...even if it was inside.
I tied each pea to a string, hopefully will trellis right on up the string
I have another puzzle to figure out. I got some bay leave cutting and am trying to get it to root. I've had it in water for almost a month and I see no signs of roots. I've been reading that bay leave cuttings do better in soil. I'm going to take one ... maybe two branches and try to root them in soil. Hope it works since I really really want to grow my own bay leaves! If you have any experience with this, I am open to any suggestions.
Bay leaves have been sitting in water for a month!!
Absolutely no roots in sight...


  1. I've read that bays don't propagate well from cuttings and that your best bet is air layering, which can still take a very, very long time.

    1. Hm. that's not very promising. I'll just continue keeping it in water see what happens. If not, I'll just have to buy myself a plant. Thanks for sharing though...I was afraid that was the answer...

  2. I gave up on Bay leaves a long time ago since It takes forever grow, But you could try honey to root. I've rooted some with honey, but I let it get killed by frost. Whoops! And how is your ginger?

    1. You mean you just dunk it in honey? I have not started ginger yet...but I'm thinking I can stick them in soil in a small pot indoors until it get warm. I also wanted to ask you about water chesnuts. At your suggestion, I bought some and taste tested it. IT IS SOOOO GOOD!!! I really don't like the canned kind but never had it fresh and it is totally delicious. I've been doing some research and it seems you have to grow them with a layer of water on top. Do you know if you can grow it without that? just make sure the soil doesn't get too dry? I just can't have any water lying around because of mosquitoes. Thanks Linda!

    2. Just overwater them, just don't grow them In a drain-less pot because they will Stink! I Love those they taste just like a sweet Coconut, something I also I want to grow, I'm not growing much I let the South Florida heat kill the unnecessary. And yes dunk It In honey. I Think you should get one of your pots and plant Ginger and you will soon have Gari!

      P.s Can please show us a Picture of your Yuzu

      Thanks Toshiko!

    3. Ohh Have you tried growing those ugly tan sweet potatoes with a beautiful PURPLE flesh? I've never had luck but so could tryive heard many success stories.

  3. I have successfully grown Bay from cuttings, but the success rate was pretty low. I normally use "Hormone Rooting Powder" which you can buy in Garden Centres, to assist the rooting process.
    I love the "engineering" aspect of your pea trellises - I just hope the peas behave themselves this time!