Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lots o pea seedings!

I finally graduated from the little seedling setup on my windowsill and got myself a rack and lights. I have to say, I had some difficulties finding shorter shop lights and finally found it at Walmart.  It is an aquarium light (I think) but it did say grow light on it so I'm thinking it is OK.
I sowed some seeds (broccoli, brussel sprouts, cumin, fennel, lettuce, red lettuce, mustard, marigold) on 1/23 so it has been a little over a week. Most of the seeds have germinated. The cumin and mustard seeds were from my pantry...and they have not germinated yet. Also, the lettuce has not either.
1.5 week old seedlings...not all have germinated
Top three brussel sprouts, bottom broccoli (one cumin on the far left)
Kale in front and fennel seedlings in the back
I started snow peas and fava beans in wet paper towels and them sowed them in soil. I may have started this too early as they grow pretty quickly. They are kind of ready to be transplanted outside but it is FREEZING outside. For the snow peas, I'll have to bring a couple of containers inside and grow them inside for a while. If I can just get home fast home before dark to change the soil...
Snow peas, peas everywhere!
3 fava bean plants


  1. It's that time of year again, your seedlings look healthy, my toilet paper pots always fall apart at the seams, but newspaper pots seem to hold up better for me. I better sow green onion and leek seeds now, they take forever to grow but it's so convenient to have them around the garden.

    1. that's funny because the newpaper pots usually fall apart on me. I think I just need to make it sturdier somehow...