Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jerusalem artichoke roots in container

I have absolutely fallen in love with Jerusalem artichoke. I love to eat them raw in a salad but they are also super scrumptious stir fried with a little bit of oil and garlic. I have been reading again and again how easy it is to grow this root vegetable - I guess it is practically a weed. I am so excited to be growing them this year. The plan is to grow them in my larger 18 gallon self watering container. My thought is to grow the Jerusalem artichoke with fava beans, mache and arugula. I want to put them in soil as soon as possible, but we are still getting freezing temperatures. So I put one of the artichoke in soil in a little container about two weeks ago.
And now...I have roots!! So very cool! I can't wait to put them in their permanent home.
Here is also a little update on my yuzu tree that I started from seed around May of 2012. I think the size difference is completely due to the difference in container size. I plan to repot them both into bigger pots. I'm really excited about these tree seedlings and can't wait to get some yuzu fruit.

started same time but different sizes!
New growth on larger plant


  1. I've never tasted a sunchoke, I just can't find it! If you don't find Kaffir Lime, then use your Yuzu leaves! OHH! and sometimes I've heard that sunchokes grow upside down I think you should check cause Its gonna take lots of energy to grow back up.

    1. Yeah, i think they might be growing upside down given the roots are shooting upwards rather than the other way around. I figure I will flip them around when I plant it in the final container. The yuzu leaves are slightly citrusy, but not nearly as much as Kaffir Lime. I'm going to continue keeping a watchful eye at my Asian grocery store to see if I can find one...which remind me, maybe I'll pop by to get some water chesnuts. Yum!

      Where do you live Linda? The stores I found the sunchoke are Harris Teeter and whole foods. I don't know if Harris Teeter is a national chain but maybe there is a whole food near you? But there may be regional differences too. Also, do you have a blog for your garden? I couldn't remember if you did or not...

  2. I've never seen a Kaffir Lime, I'm going to an Asian store this week to buy goods as well as more Water Chestnuts.

    I live In Miami, and there is a Harris Teeter near me! Oh and I don't have a blog for my garden.

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