Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Grow little basil and tomatoes grow!

The basil seedlings were started the earliest 3/8 and it looks pretty much the same as the earlier photos. Maybe a little bit bigger, but no real growth. I replanted the pepper and tomotoes on 3/24. The seedlings are now coming out but unlike the zucchinis they aren't growing as fast. But I guess it has only been 2 weeks so I need to be patient. It has been really cold in Baltimore, and I'm worried my seedlings are too cold. I have a CFL light on it, but no heating pad. I'm going to just wait to see what happens.I'm patiently and anxiously waiting for the true leaves to come out. Let's hope it comes soon.

Super sweet 100
Homestead tomato
Pepper plant...do you see the seedling on the top left...?
It is a little heart! so cute:)

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