Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hairy spinach

I can't really tell if my spinach is doing well or not.  Only 3 of the spinach seedling survived and I probably destroyed the roots during transplant for one of them because the growth is stunted. The spinach is growing in a container with a volunteer lettuce (I think from musclin green mix) and kale.
Three kale plants up top, lettuce in the middle and 3 spinach down on the bottom.
Another thing...the spinach is hairy! It looks so weird, almost like tentacles.
Hairy spinach
It rained today in charm city, and there are little rain drops on the kale making them sparkle in the sun.  It is quite beautiful!


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  2. I guess your poor spinach is going to die due to its damaged root since the difference of the growth is clear. I recommend you should thin it out for securing space for other survivors.

    1. You are probably right. I always have a hard time pulling out plants:(