Monday, September 10, 2012

Harvest Monday - September 10, 2012

I have an overabundance of hot pepper. 2 pepper plants that I thought were going to be sweet ended up being spicy. The jalapeno plants were also very productive. I got to a point where I just had to many spicy peppers. Since it is time to start planting fall vegetables so I decided to harvest all my jalapenos and pull the plant. I canned the jalapenos - very tasty but I have to find a way to use them more frequently. I still have a couple of cans from last year's harvest.
Large bowl of green and red jalapenos
I was able to harvest 2 cucumbers before the plant succumbed to powdery mildew. I am also starting to harvest zucchinis. I tasted the zucchini (raven) raw, it was good but the grey summer bounty variety I grew last year were sweeter. For some reason raw zucchini gives me a bad stomachache so I will be cooking up some zucchini. I'm actually freezing them so I can use them in soups during the winter.
Raven Zucchini (top) and Champion bush cucumbers (bottom two)
Out in the community garden, there are 2 spicy pepper. The longhorn pepper and pablanos. I'm not sure if the pablanos are really pablano because at the garden store I recall it being categorized as a sweet pepper. With the longhorn pepper, I made one can of hot sauce which required blending and boiling of the pepper. My nose and fingers were burning until the next day. The hot sauce is ridiculously spicy. I'm not sure if I will be able to use it really. Fortunately, the boyfriend eats lots of spicy food so maybe he will enjoy it. I also harvested some sweet peppers (big boy peppers) as well as eggplants (black beauty, italian, and ichiban).
Harvest fromt eh community garden. The green peppers are all the spicy peppers.
I have been able to harvest some cherokee purple from the balcony garden. Compared to the community garden, the tomatoes are small. But taste-wise, the tomatoes from the balcony container garden was one million times better. I'm wondering if it is because the balcony gets more sun. I'm not sure. But these tomatoes were INSANELY sweet and delicious. There are still a couple more waiting to ripen on the plant so I can't wait to harvest them.
Not so beautiful but delicious cherokee purple tomatoes
Tomatoes were peeled, but these are the BEST tasting tomatoes!
I'm linking up to Daphne's harvest Monday. She has a beautiful harvest and awesome looking butternut squash. It's also so much fun to see what other gardeners are harvesting too!


  1. I recommend the Yellow Pear Tomato they are FANTASTIC! a cross between a wine grape and very sweet tomato, LOVE EM!

    1. And with the Jalapenoes have you tried making poppers? for the filling add cream cheese, cheddar cheese, cilantro dill or parsley, green onions I add green garlic and lemon thyme, the cut the jalapenos in half remove the seed core and the white flesh use gloves. then make a log and stuff them then face down roll them in panko and wrapp in bacon. put them in the oven and when the mixture is sizzling take them out and wait and enjoy.

    2. I will try yellow pear tomato next year. I've seen them before. They are super cute.

      I don't have any more jalapenoes but I have other hot peppers. I will try this recipe.

  2. Sounds like a great harvest for you. I don't think the jalapeno plant made it (all my tags faded/got lost) at least I don't see anything that looks like one out there. I like them sliced on nachos mostly or chopped into salsa and cream cheese for a dip.

    1. I do notice that lots of nachos at restaurants have the pickled jalapenos. I will have to try to make some at home.

  3. I have not tried growing jalapenos pepper, look good!
    Great variety of harvest.
    Looking at your harvest make me miss summer veggies very much.