Monday, July 22, 2013

Harvest Monday July 22, 2013

Wow, I can't believe it has been over a month since posting! The balcony garden is doing well, as well as the community garden raised bed garden. I ended up purchasing the fancy texas tomato cage for the raised bed garden - I feel this has probably made a huge difference in the size of the plant. The supersweet 100 plant is like 6 ... maybe even 7 feet tall. And the tomatoes are so much bigger than what I got last year.

The tomatoes I'm growing on the balcony are mostly determinate or dwarf variety that Carol shared with me. I has been pretty amazing. I've been harvest a lot of tomatoes from both locations. It has been just fantastic! Here are some pictures
Minigold tomato..or is it?
This minigold tomato is very curious. After reading about these tomatoes on Carol's blog, I was expecting them to be bright yellow - but it turns out it is bright orange - almost like a sungold. These taste wonderful - but maybe it is some new hybrid variety. I've saved some seeds so it will be interesting to see what kind of fruit it will produce next year!
From Balcony: More minigold tomato and a couple of bush beans before the plant died...
From Balcony: More minigold (so productive!) and dwarf champion and golden dwarf champion tomatoes
From Balcony: Edamame, semi-final minigold harvest, dwarf champion, golden dwarf, cherokee purple
From community garden: Baxter bush cherry, supersweet 100 and cherokee purple
I am sitting here writing while nibbling on the edamame. This is my first time growing it and it tastes SOOOOO good. I love edamame, but these freshly harvested edamame are the sweetest and most delicious ones I've ever had. I'm going to try to grow some more - maybe I can squeeze one more crop before winter? I have to calculate how many days it has taken to get to this point to see if I still have enough time.

I'm linking to Daphne's Harvest Monday! Now that the harvests are coming in very steadily, I'm going to try to document a little bit better.


  1. I'm curious about those Minigolds, too. They are definitely more orange than the ones I grew. I think I sent you all of the seeds I'd saved, but I'll look again. Are those all from one plant? I found mine to be almost too prolific, bearing more tomatoes than any of my larger varieties.

    1. Yes, they are all from one plant - in a five gallon bucket. At the end, I think I've harvested about 3.5-4lbs of tomatoes from it. I love it! I have 3 more seeds from the batch you sent me so maybe I will try again next year. I can also send you the seeds I saved once I collect them. Whatever this variety is, it has been great on the balcony.

  2. I've been trying to grow edamame for the past couple of years and no dice. I think my seeds must no longer be viable. You're making me envious!! Those tomatoes look great. You must be busy picking!!!

  3. Wow that's a ton of cherry tomatoes, so amazing that a lot of your tomatoes were grown in containers!

    I love cherry tomatoes in noodle soups, such big bursts of flavor in little bites.

    1. I've never had tomatoes in noodle soup...I can see how that would work. The minigold has been a huge producer. I've always wanted to stick with indeterminates, but I think I will try these again next year!