Monday, July 29, 2013

Harvest Monday - July 29, 2013

This past weekend, I pulled all the determinate tomatoes to get ready for the Fall garden. I'm thinking of trying cucumbers again this year (last year I lost everything because of powdery mildew), maybe some collard greens and beans. I hate cleaning up, but one upside was the pretty good size harvest of tomatoes - probably the largest from the balcony.
The yellow tomatoes are the golden dwarf champions, the medium size tomatoes on the top right are dwarf champions, the large tomatoes on top are the Coeur de Boeuf, and the little orange, red, and green tomatoes are a combination of Minigold and Husky Red
Couldn't resist a second angle:)
I froze the dwarf tomatoes, made salsa with the green tomatoes, and eating the red cherries and minigold as snack. I'm thinking of freezing some more tomatoes. I still have the cherokee purple, coeur de boeuf and dwarf champion (both red and yellow) variety left. They don't look so hot so maybe they will not produce anymore, but even if it doesn't I think I had a very good tomato season this year!
Very delicious edamame!
I also got a harvest of edamame - these are so delicious! Next year I think I will try to plant more edamame plants.

I am linking to Daphne's Harvest Monday! I hope all your garden is doing well.


  1. What a FEAST! The only thing I harvest is herbs and greens.

    1. Yes, it truly was! A lot of it ended up on my freezer!

  2. What a great haul of tomatoes for a balcony garden. You got me researching dwarf tomatoes for my deck next year. You should be able to grow cucumbers. Look for varieties that are PM resistant, and spraying with a milk and baking soda spray is very effective and safe.