Thursday, June 16, 2011

End of mesclun and arugula

This past weekend I was not at home and when I came back I found this in my arugula and mesclun.
EWWWWW.  I looked very closely and I quickly found the green little caterpillars (I didn't take a picture). Nasty! I picked them and threw the on the driveway (usually birds get them very quickly). Here is the damage on the arugula.

You know, I could probably cut off the damage to see if they recover...but I think I am going to just pull it out. They aren't growing so well and I can't quite get over the caterpillar poop. I will try with the green leafy veggies in the fall.  I hope the cooler weather will make the arugula less spicy than the current "crop" (I'm not sure if spicy is the right word, it just had a really strong...bite).


  1. You get immune with caterpillar poo by next year ;-).

  2. You are probably right. I was really surprised at how big the poop was...and also slimy...yuck!