Wednesday, June 22, 2011

turning color...good and bad

The purple basil are turning green. Why? I did a little googling, and it appears that this is not unusual. It seems that the heat can turn purple basil green. I shouldn't be surprised by this by now, but there are so many varieties of purple-leaf basil. I think I have a variety like the African purple basil where the leaves are supposed to turn green as they get bigger. Another site (can't remember which) suggested to pluck off all the green leaves to prevent the rest from turning green....but I don't want to do this and most likely I will just let the plant do what it wants to do. It still looks kind of cool!
On a happier note, one of the early girl 50 tomato is turning red! It happened almost over night. However, I read over on granny's blog that the first tomato is usually not so good...I'm glad I read this because if this first tomato is not so exciting, I would be really worried that the rest of the tomatoes will be bad.  So, we'll see what how it tastes - so exciting!


  1. Woo-hoo, a red tomato! Even if it tastes a bit mealy and bland, it will still taste better than those "cardboard" tomatoes in the grocery store! Subsequent tomatoes taste better and better.

  2. With the weather gets warmer over your place. You get ripe tomatoes much quicker now to follow the first one.

  3. Thanks Granny and MKG. I do see more tomatoes ripening! So excited!