Thursday, June 9, 2011

Heat wave.

I had cut back a little on watering since I realized that I should feel the soil before watering to check whether the plant needs soil. I was down to watering every other day. I think I need to water them daily since this afternoon I cam back from work to this view on the balcony...
I watered them immediately and I think they will recover but it did give me a little scare. The heat is also doing a number on the peas. I'm sure both containers are well watered but the leaves are drying from the bottom and slowly traveling up. I might try to plant again in the fall. As for these two pots, I'll just let it go until it totally dies.
Slow death of the pea plants
Still producing peas!
I bought a very fun plant, the stevia, over the weekend. I don't know if this considered a herb, but the leaves are super sweet. The leaves can be dried and used as a sugar substitute. I believe it is used to make the sweetner truvia. I first saw learned about this plant in one of the "growing your greens" youtube video. The leaves are really sweet, it has a bit of a artificial sweetner aftertaste and it does taste green. Its so weird that the leaves are so insanely sweet.

Wow, while I was writing this blog post the plants quickly rehydrated. So resilient!


  1. I usually water our containers in the afternoon so they recover and evoparation is less during evening and night if I don't have enough water for them (we only used water from the laundry, kitchen and bath). You can prune of the dead leaves so the plants can save more energy and water for producing more.

  2. I wish we could share the heat! We're still getting highs in the high 60's, barely 70 and nights in the high 40's, barely 50. What a chilly spring!! Your plants are looking good though!

  3. Its raining loads in the west of Scotland. If I could I'd blow hard and send those grey clouds in your direction.

  4. MKG - wow. that's great that you recycle water! I am watering in the evening now too. Right now I'm waiting for a thunderstorm so maybe I don't have to water tonight.

    Hooly - Wish we cut add and divide our weather. then it will be just right:)

    Shaheen - I think the clouds are coming over! It just started raining & thundering!

  5. We have had to water our plants in the evening also..but much rather water them in the early morning while it's still cool..

  6. I love all these photos of your balcony garden! My peas are looking really ragged too. Are the things you have up over the railings shade covers or just decorative railing covers?

  7. Wendy, I put the shades up initially to prevent wind damage. But now they are functioning to create a little bit of shade. I hope I don't have to put up a big tent over the balcony as it get hotter and hotter. I'm going to pull the peas out since they really are not doing well at all!