Monday, June 13, 2011

Harvest Monday - June 13, 2011!!

Please join Daphne and see what people are growing around the world! Here is my contribution from last week. Harvest from Saturday that went into the pasta - ichiban eggplants, jalapeno, zucchini (that didn't pollinate), some peas and basil:
Here is today's harvest...currently transforming into my dinner! The jalapeno plant is full of peppers. They are not spicy so I'm trying to figure out what to do with them. The harvest includes jalapenos, mesclun greens, purple and sweet basil (which are really wanting to flower/bolt), some peas (I think these will be the last since they are just drying bad), zucchini (the biggest one so far) and ichiban eggplant!
I have to post the zucchini on the plant, the biggest from the smaller container! The zucchini plants are now full of female flowers with no male flower in I suspect I will have many unpollinated zucchini. I'm not sure if there is a way to promote the growth of male flowers. I'll have to google it.
The eggplant flowers continue to drop. Currently there are 2 little eggplants growing, and a few small flower buds but it seems they just want to fall off:(  I think it is the heat since I am flicking them to pollinate.
The early girl is fruiting like mad, but all the fruits are still green. But overall the plant is doing well.
And the Giant Jalapeno is doing well. The Bonnie plant page says this variety is suppose to get to 4 perhaps I should let them grow a little bit more before I pick them next time.
I am happy with how much the garden is producing! Happy Harvest everyone!


  1. Warning: Long comment ahead ;-)

    Mon, August 10, 2009 12:51

    To: Ohio Heirloom Seeds

    Michael, I planted your Early Jalapeno peppers, and they grew huge and healthy, and are loaded with peppers. However, they are not hot! There is corking on some, some have begun turning red, but they taste just like a bell pepper. I even chewed the seeds, and there is no heat. Can you tell me what could have caused this?

    Monday, August 10, 2009 5:09

    Granny (*of course he used my real name)

    Here's what I came up with.

    This Spring I started about 85 of the Early Jalapenos (same seed lot as your seeds) and sold about 60 of them. The rest went to a friend of mine who grows them for a local market. (I didn't grow any adult Jalapenos this year, just sold my seedlings). I spoke with him this afternoon and he said his were hot. I then emailed one of the people who bought plants from me and just received her response- fairly hot.

    I have emailed several of my customers who bought the seed from me this Spring. I've heard back from 2 of them- both said theirs are hot.

    I did a bit of research on the subject this afternoon and spoke with several pepper growers, including one of my local growers who has been doing it for 55 years. He told me that the capsicum levels can be reduced significantly by too much nitrogen and water. He told me that if your plants are large and beautiful, with lots of peppers, that you may have provided "too ideal" conditions. He suggested picking most of the peppers and then allowing the remaining ones to turn red, and trim a branch or two off the plants. Often times this type of injury will cause an increase in capsicum.

    I wanted to let you know that I do not carry the mild version of the Jalapeno, so there isn't any chance I mislabeled a package or something. I apologize for your troubles, and really enjoyed looking at your website. You do some serious gardening!

    Please let me know if this information helps.

    Mike Dehlendorf

  2. Granny - hm, that is interesting. I ate some of mine, and there was a hint of spice in 1 out of the 5 I harvested today. So, maybe I'll pick the rest, stop fertilizing and water less? Are all jalapeno varieties hot? I was thinking maybe this is the mild type.Thanks for the information!

  3. Great harvest!! I'm jealous of the eggplant!! I can't wait for some of my own!

  4. I planted a hot chili but different plants (same variety) gave me different level of hotness. So it must be what environment I gave each of them. I like your ichiban eggplant very much. It is so pretty. The BEST!Ichiban dane.

  5. I'm still waiting on my peppers to get going. I want my jalapenos. I don't mind them mild or hot. I just like the taste. I can always add cayennes when I really need some heat. Last year my jalapenos were a bit mild to start but by the end of the summer they were much hotter.

  6. Holly - the eggplants are very good! I hope your plants fruit soon :)

    MKG - The ichiban is very good! Tashikani, ichiban kamo:)

    Daphne - The flavor of the jalapeno was really good. I'm sure I'm going to eat one in the future assuming it is sweet and burn my mouth:)