Saturday, March 3, 2012

Space issues @ charm city garden

Last year I got very excited about starting all kinds of seeds and ran out of container space and had to "kill" the overstock. This year I am trying to be more realistic about the space that I have, but I may have already over-sown (not sure if this is a word). Right now, I have started pak choi, red romaine, green romaine, swiss chard, sweet basil, and thai basil. The basil will stay in the kitchen, the spinach and kale was directly sown in containers on the balcony. I have a little space in the back and to the side of the house where I plan to grow the lettuce and possible the swiss chard.
Two long containers on the fence for lettuce (on top is where the balcony garden is).
Containers on the side of the house - still need to be cleaned up. 
I also have a couple of containers in front of the house. In one of the containers I have thyme and rosemary that survived the winter. I am not entirely sure what I will grow there but I am thinking some  herbs and maybe zucchini and hot peppers.
Containers in front of the house. I plan to remove the small containers and the crate
Oh, and I started the sugar snap peas indoor as well, this will go in one of the containers on the side of the house.


  1. I just found your blog and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I wish you the best in this year's "crop." :)

    I myself have started a small apartment garden with carrots, spinach, strawberries and a few herbs. I was successful last year in growing cucumbers...but didn't know when to pick them off the vine. It was quite a fiasco. Fingers crossed that I actually harvest something I grow...if only those darn seeds would start sprouting.

    1. Thank you Christina. Good luck with your garden this year! I also keep checking up on my seedlings. The seeds that were directly sown outside doesn't want to sprout!

  2. Amazing Blog på altan ...

    Tak til deling!