Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Recently, I've been thinking a lot about worms. I would like to start a worm bin but the only space I have is indoors. I still have not found the courage(?) to bring worms into the house. I've read that if done correctly, it does not smell but I just find this hard to believe.  Plus I'm worried about fruit flies, ants, and roaches. I'll just have to think about it some more.  Maybe this was a sign for me to start a worm bin, but I found some baby worms under the bags of soil and mulch this morning. I'm not entirely sure where they came from. Anyway, I popped them into the snap pea container and watched them *happily* dig themselves into the soil.


  1. Give in to your desire for wooooooorms. Come to the daaaark siiiide. We have the best compost.

    There are some people that just feed their worms cardboard and paper; worms don't seem to discriminate. They love to murder the shredded paper I give them. So, you could start with that...

    I wouldn't think you would have to worry about roaches, to be honest. Fruit flies...maybe. But, that's why you keep a lid on the bin and you bury the food, in the bedding. Since you're basically emulating a closed environment, you're going to get some other, small lifeforms in there; they're essential for breaking down the food and debris into vermicompost.

    If you want to read a really good book, the Baltimore County library circulates a copy of Worms Eat my Garbage. This tome is, basically, the Bible of worm composting.

    If you search 'worms' on Craigslist, the guy who is selling them in Aberdeen/Columbia would probably let you check them out before buying.

  2. I'm definitely getting closer to buy a bin. I have seen the guy on craigslist. I might just have to give him a call!