Friday, October 5, 2012

Collecting basil seeds

I have been patiently waiting for the basil to produce some seeds for me to collect for next year.
Basil seed pods
some green and brown seed pods
I'm not quite sure when I'm suppose to harvest the seed pods. I thought it was when the pods were brown. But when I peek into the little pockets in the brown pods, the seeds have already dispersed. So I have harvested some brown and some green seed pods.
If you look into the pods that are still green, the seeds have not matured. So it seems that I cannot catch all the pods at the same time. I'm going to leave some in the pods after harvesting to see if they mature after harvesting. I guess I could also just pluck the pods with the mature seeds but that seems kind of tedious.
Mixture of mature and non-mature seeds


  1. Can you please make more videos on the plants you have.

  2. Hi: I'm a gardener from California now with a balcony only. Just discovered this blog! My book about herbs says that the author didn't have much luck with seeds and instead when frost is predicted strips the lower leaves off sprigs and puts them in water to root for indoor plants, and once they have roots puts in potting soil with eggshells and places in sunniest place possible or under plant lights. (Millie Owen, "A Cook's Guide to Growing Herbs, Greens, and Aromatics."