Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sometimes laziness is good?!

I have not gone to my community garden for about 3 weeks or so. Since it has been raining periodically I figured the plants that are left in the garden will be alright. And it turn out, being lazy was good for my garden. One of the hot pepper plants died, but my eggplants (even the one battling the flea beetle) are thriving.  Other than these plants, I have chinese giant pepper, longhorn pepper, yellow pepper, snap peas, beets and lemongrass growing in the community garden.
Pablano pepper is dying, but other plants thriving
Ichiban eggplant
Italian eggplant - the plant that had the worst case of flea beetle attach
Black Beauty with many flowers
The lemongrass has gotten so much bigger. I need to start thinking of different ways to use it.
Bushy lemongrass
The first thing I tried was lemongrass tea. I made in the same way as mint tea, just cut up the whole lemongrass and boil it for 3 minutes. It made a beautiful and delicious tea.
Delicious lemongrass tea

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  1. Que bonito tienes el huerto urbano! felicidades por tus berenjenas (eggplants)! Yo tengo sólo dos, el año que viene espero tener alguna más.