Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Garden 2013! A new beginning!

Happy new year everyone! It is a bright sunny day here in Baltimore but very cold at 27F.  My gardening spirit is quickly awakening and with the sun being so bright I had to get some seeds started. I've decided for this year's container garden I'm going to try different varieties. I have enough hot peppers in the freezer so I won't be growing is a picture of all the seeds I'm going to be using this year. I have too many so some of it will have to go into the community garden.
I'm also going to try to grow cumin and mustard from the kitchen.
Here is another new vegetable I am going to try to grow that I'm totally excited about: Sunchoke or Jerusalem artichoke. These are supposed to be really easy to grow in containers and quite prolific. If you've never tried it before you should, they are quite delicious.
What will you be growing in your garden this year. Just can't wait for spring!! Ending with a picture of kale that I've overwintered...well, really it is just that I've been too lazy to pull out.


  1. I missed you Toshiko SO MUCH!! do sunchokes taste like jicama? have you tried ginger, purple sweet potatoes, water chestnut is delicious and grows prolific in containers, taro makes an amazing poi, and you could try regrowing leeks, celery.

    1. Thank you for the warm welcome back:) sunchoke does taste a little bit like jicama...but I like it better because it is less starchy. Also there is a artichoky flavor too. I have not tried potatoes because I thought that you need large containers? Maybe I will try. I love sweet potatoes - you can also eat the greens, right? Do you grow water chestnut in soil or in water? I'd like to try!!

    2. You don't need a big pot for potatoes at least a 5 gallon pot I'm growing some purple regular potatoes. Sweet potato greens are not tasty raw they have fishy taste, but may be with a little oyster, garlic chive, chili, palm sugar, tamarind it will be alright. i grew water chestnut last year i have not found more corms at the market they have fun leaves, and yes in both why don't you experiment I tried both and i got the same amount of harvest just that the ones with water weren't as sweet. Linda

    3. You have totally piqued my interest with the potatoes. I'll have to see if I have space for it. Maybe I will try the little potatoes.