Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Need better setup to start seeds

I have a super low tech setup for starting my seeds. I was away over the weekend and didn't set up my lamp. The brussel sprouts, broccoli and kale germinated but without lights, got really leggy.  I really need to make a better setup for starting the seeds
My simple setup
Leggy looking seedlings
Not only that, I have my starter in an empty salad container and left the lid on. It probably got too humid in there and I found some white fuzzy things on them. I think this is fungus. I read a little about damping off in seedlings but I don't think what I have at the moment is hurting my plants. I might start another tray of the same thing just to be on the safe side. I also left the top off and got some peroxide to spray to kill whatever it is that is growing.
White fuzzies on my toilet paper rolls
Here is a quick picture of how I make bottoms on my paper towel seed starting pot. I usually first cut the toilet roll in half so I can make 2 starter pots per roll. In this picture I did not cut it into two because I wanted a long one.
First press the toilet paper flat, then fold again so that the crease made in the first step touch (basically making the toilet paper into a box). Make a little cut on 4 corners and fold over like a bottom of a box.


  1. Thanks for posting the pot instructions.

  2. Ohhh,Charm City Balcony Garden, you're giving me some anxiety as I haven't even ordered my seeds yet...
    Also, I think I'll have to really limit my sowing this year because I have a puppy and she LOVES to "garden" :)).
    Last spring I had pots and dishes with seedlings all over the place. Not going to happen this year.
    Silly question, but what is the point of the toilet paper pots - is it so that each little seedling has it's own home and does not need to be translplanted so early on in it's life?
    Could one make these pots from newspaper, or would the newspaper ink somehow seep into the soil?
    Ieva (with and "i" :) )

    1. Hi! I use the toilet paper pots because they are free. I also like that they are small but I fit about 2 plants depending on what type plant I am starting. My first year, I used newspaper pots. I think the ink used in newspaper might be soy based so not toxic. At least my plants turned out OK. Good luck!

    2. I see! :) Last year I used empty plastic containers. This year, I might try both TP pots and the plastic ones.

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