Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I got me some taters!

Stopped by the grocery store on my way back from work. I naturally gravitated towards the organic potato isle...and couldn't help but notice the yukon gold already with some shoots. The purple potatoes also caught my eyes (thank you Linda for the tip!). I also grabbed a handful of creamer potatoes...which I later found out was just young potatoes (most likely yukon gold).
Yukon gold, purple potato, and the little creamer potato
Yukon gold shoots
Purple potato - look how pretty!
Looks just as pretty cooked...but tastes just like a regular potato
I'm going to leave the potatoes out and see if I can get more shoots. The purple potatoes taste just like a regular potato but it just looks so cool.


  1. They are beautiful aren't they? There is also a type of sweet potato that's purple in the inside and white outside. you could get them at any Asian market sprout it in your worm bin.

  2. I'll keep an eye out when I go to the Asian market next time. Thank you!