Sunday, March 3, 2013

First death in the garden...and chick cuteness

Next year, I will have to tame my gardening excitement and start the peas and fava beans a little bit later. The snow peas started off well, but one day I left it out on a sunny day with the intention of brining in after a couple of hours and completely forgot about it. By the time I realized I forgotten to bring them back in, it was close to midnight and the soil was completely frozen. I left them inside for some time, but I think it was too much for the young seedlings to handle.
You can see some of the dead seedlings and more damaged foliage can be observed close up
In addition to frost exposure, I started to noticed the every annoying fungus gnats buzzing around the soil. I sprayed it with some neem oil and spinosad spray that seemed to help a little bit. I don't know if the fungus gnat larvae contributed to the demise of my pea plants, but I do have other seedlings (like the tomatoes and peppers) that I really want to protect. So I've decided to leave the three pots with the snow pea outside, see if any of the seedlings survive, and start some new seeds in a week or two.

To end this post on a positive note, I want to share some pictures of chicks I found at a farm and garden store. I'm hoping one day in the future when I move to place with a yard that I will be able to get some pet hens. So for now, I had walk away from these super cute chicks after snapping a couple of pictures.  Oh, but I so wanted to take one home. Super cute fuzzy creatures.
little chicks feeding
chicks all huddled up
little yellow puff balls

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