Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Growing garlic indoors

I found a garlic hiding under a bag of barley. It had sprouted a very healthy looking bright green stem so I couldn't throw it away. I decided to try growing it indoors in a small container. Let's see if it develops into a small bulb.
Sprouted skinny little garlic
Garlic buried
In addition to this, I'm going to be growing some herbs and vegetables that don't need a lot of light. So far I've sowed mizuna and chives. I also plan is to grow some salad greens, mint and maybe cilantro and/or parsley.
The jerusalem artichoke is growing quickly. I hope it gets warm soon so that I can transplant it. The roots are screaming for more space!


  1. Your Jerusalem artichoke look so healthy.

    1. Thanks! they just keep growing and growing. I'm just waiting transplant them outside!