Thursday, March 28, 2013

Not all bad! Tomato coeur de boeuf and ginger

I have had had some deaths in the garden, but there definitely a lot more seedlings that are doing well. The tomato seeds that accidentally snuck into my suitcase is actually germinating! I first saw signs of success a few days after the seeds were sowed.
The little baby tomato seedlings
Then now, not even a week after, I have a ton of seedlings!
Extremely high germination rate
The question now is, whether the tomato I bought was a hybrid or heirloom. I don't know if these seedlings will make the coeur de boeuf tomatoes or if it was some sort of hybrid so that I will get something different. I think I will grow one of these on my balcony and also find once space in the community garden for a second.  I'm really excited about these - pretty darn cool.

Another great thing in the garden - there are 2 shoots coming out of my ginger root! I plan to get these in a 3 gallon container once the weather gets warm. Just can't wait for the weather to warm up!!!
Ginger shoots


  1. Your ginger shoots are so green and beautiful, they inspired me to purchase some ginger at the supermarket on Sunday, broke off two pieces and stuck them in a pot. Here's to hoping they grow.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Wow your ginger is shooting really early - Mine doesn't usually appear until late Spring, early Summer but then perhaps your climate is more suited than mine which is very marginal for ginger.

    1. Right now, they are indoors so it is nice a warm for them.

  3. I, too, am eyeing those ginger shoots! Oh, how wonderful it will be to harvest your very own ginger!

  4. Hope your tomato plants turn out to be a delicious one.
    My ginger shoots are growing well also, will not be able to put them in the ground until end of May the earliest.

    1. Mine will probably stay indoors for some time too. I'm hoping they will be ok in the tiny pot.