Friday, April 19, 2013

On the balcony: peas, arugula, fava beans shoots

The peas have started to sprout, still not big enough to grow up the trellis. I have three 3-gallon containers of snow peas - maybe I'll have enough plants to collect some snow pea tips for one little little side dish of stir fry (I just love snow pea tips).
Snow peas looking lovely
The arugula in the 18 gallon container is looking strong! Compared to the arugula growing indoors, you can really tell that the ones outside are much thicker and stronger. I sowed half the container with arugula and the other half with mache. But the mache (sowed on the far end) hasn't germinated at all.
Arugula, fava beans and sunchoke
I also sowed 3 fava beans and sunchokes in this container. You can see all three in the picture below. Can you spot the fava beans and sunchoke among the tree of arugula? (the sunchoke is really hard to see).
Fava beans, arugula and sunchoke....probably cannot see
The mint is starting to pop up too. You can tell it is root-bound since there is a cluster shoots coming up from the periphery of the pot.
Mint regrowing - coming back strong


  1. Is there Sunchokes at Whole foods, as well as water chestnus?

    1. I have found sunchokes at whole foods but not water chestnut. I got those from the Asian grocery store.