Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I am very sad to report that the zucchini plant has died:( The leaves started dying at a faster pace and while it was still producing baby zucchinis, it was not as good as the earlier harvest. So I decided to pull out the plant. And sure enough, I found 1 little wormy borer in the stem.
Container sans zucchini plant
Fortunately, I started another zucchini plant so I hope to harvest some more in the fall. The supersweet 100 tomatoes are starting to ripen.
first set of supersweet 100 tomatoes
More tomatoes to come
This is the with the early girl tomatoes, the first was not so sweet. I'm hoping subsequent ones will be as sweet as the name implies.

Cute little supersweet 100

The homestead tomatoes are not doing so well. I don't think they are tolerating the heat very well. I have 2 plants on the balcony and 1 up front in a shadier area. The ones on the balcony are not fruiting much at all, while the one in the shade has many more green fruits. I'm tempted to pull 1 plant that is really bushy but only has 1 little green tomato out and grow something else...but I think I'll just wait to see how the plant progresses.
The homestead tomato on the right is not fruiting at all, the left has 1 cluster of fruit
I am happy to report that the ichiban eggplants are going through a second growth spurt and several eggplants are fruiting. Next year, I'm going to grow more of these ichiban as they are just so yummy!
Right now I am in the process of planting some romaine lettuce, chinese broccoli, bok choy and some swiss chard. I just need to get some composted manure to give the soil some much needed nutrients.


  1. Sorry abut your zucchini. At least you had a bit of harvest from it. Mine hasn't even begun to blossom. I do hope your Homestead starts fruiting soon. It's one of my favorite tomatoes for flavor. My Sunsugar cherry tomatoes weren't a bit sweet at first, but they're getting better each day.

  2. Sorry about the zuke - but boy do your tomatoes look great!

  3. Your zuke lasted longer than mine did; sorry that it got vine borer'd. I didn't even bother to check mine when I axed it (I buried it to fill in a hole in the yard).

    The toms and the eggplants are producing nicely :)

  4. Annie - yes, I'm happy that I got a couple of zukes. I started another plant so maybe I will get a couple of more before the winter. I'm not sure if homestead will make it on my balcony:(

    Wendy - thanks!

    Ben - The borers are nasty nasty critters!