Friday, July 15, 2011

Vine borer surgery aftercare

I've been checking my zucchini plants leaves for vine borer eggs. I am using a method I saw on gardenweb using tape and squishing them. I was initially using a little knife to scrape them off but I wanted to make sure they were destroyed.
Vine borer eggs...eek
Removing eggs with tape
I also noticed a cluster of eggs with little fly-looking thing. Of course I yelped and cut the leaf off and stomped on it. (I was in panic mode so I forgot to take a picture).  I'm pretty sure they were eggplant lace bugs. Here is one I found.
Eggplant lace bug
I've noticed little black circular dots on leafs which I think are the eggs (since this is where I found the cluster of the little lace bug).

I'm seeing so many insects I have never seen before. It seems the battle with insects is never-ending...


  1. You keep those down there. If I see them on my plants, I will blame you for sharing :P

  2. Ben, they seem too happy on my eggplants:( So probably they will stay here:)

  3. I notice the same thing in my garden nowadays... not the vine borers or lace thingy... bugs that never showed up or didn't register w/me before I started growing edibles.