Saturday, August 27, 2011

Preparing for Irene

Baltimore is preparing for hurricane Irene. I drove by Fells points and all the stores were lined with sand bags. Although I don't live there, the sight of the mass of people shoveling in sand alarmed me and I got 3 bags. As I was lining my basement window with sand bags, my neighbor looked popped his head out asking if I was ready for the storm. He then reassured me that we are on a hill and we should be fine. I think we should be fine but I feel a little bit better that my basement window is sort of protected... I did however bring in some of the fall season plants inside. I thought about it for a while since I didn't want bugs in the house, but I decided that my desire to have veggies in the fall was greater than my fear of insects in the house.
Romaine lettuce
Swiss chard and bok choy
For those of you on the east coast, please be safe!!


  1. Quite windy right now. Good call on bringing in the lettuce. You'll be thankful for it, in a couple weeks, when you're eating a delicious homemade salad :)

  2. hope you guys were ok - we had some really strong winds here in Rockville, but nothing much beyond that. geez, I wouldn't even know what to do with the sandbags - ha!