Sunday, June 19, 2011

GTTC - Jalapeno, zucchini salad & rosemary

I have no names for most of my recipes...Here is a stir fried jalapeno with salt/pepper and little soy sauce. This works only because the jalapeno is sweet and not spicy. When I was little, we used to have this dish made out of shishitou pepper (I'm not sure if there is an English name for this). Every once in a while we'd get a spicy one but that was part of the fun. It worked well with jalapeno too!
I made a little salad with the zucchini mixed in with dill and a simple vinaigrette. I only used a small sprig of dill but it gave a wonderful flavor.
Finally here is one of the few recipes I know using rosemary. It is so simple yet delicious. You pan fry the chicken with olive oil and just as the chicken is cooked you add some rosemary (let it cook for bit) then add balsamic vinegar. Let the vinegar evaporate a bit and that's it.
Chicken with rosemary sauce with beet greens and zucchini
I'm linking to Wendy's blog Greenish Thumb for garden to table challenge. Thank you for hosting the GTTC challenge!


  1. Everything look so yummy. Nothing beats a meal that were made from your own garden.

  2. The Padron pepper is similar to the shishito, I grew them last year. 1 in every 10 is hot, it made for an exciting snack.

  3. MMmmm...looks good. I have some Shishito peppers growing this year. Last year was a bad pepper year for me so I was only able to harvest a few shishitos.

  4. I was going to mention the Padron pepper, but Elaine got there first. Last year in the heat and drought, just about all our Padron peppers were hot. I just saute them in olive oil and sprinkle salt to taste. Will have to try soy sauce sometime.

  5. Elaine - I'll have to look into growing Padron next year. The jalapenos actually do taste a little like shishito - just a little meatier. I just remember as a child I would cautiously eat the tip and when it was "safe" I popped them into my mouth. If not, it went straight to my dad or mom's plate.

    Holly - did you order the seeds online?

    Tangledbranches - olive oil and salt sounds good too I will have to try that.

  6. I love the idea of a Russian Roulette kind of experience with the peppers! Everything looks really yummy. I forget how simple and delicious a little rosemary and balsamic vinegar are. I may do that this week! I'm not a huge fan of squash, but do love it that way - sliced super thin (or shaved) with a vinaigrette.