Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Too hot for the dill

It is another blistering day here in Baltimore city. I really might have to think of getting some shade for the plants (how spoiled are these plants!). It seems that all the vegetable plants are doing well in the heat...all except the dill. The soil is well watered but the dill is drying up and turning brownish. The delicate foliage cannot take the heat! I tried to leave them under the table, but still they were burning up. I moved them off the balcony up in front of the house where it is shaded half the day.
I think I need to add some soil to support the plants
Sad Dill
The peas are almost ready for harvesting. I want to wait wee bit more but soon I will have a pea or two to nibble on. So excited!
Almost ready to pick...I think