Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Final setup completed!

I am finally finished putting all the plants into their final pots. Unfortunately I had to dispose of one of the tomato plants because there just isn't any space on the balcony. I ended up making 3 5-gallon self-watering buckets for the tomatoes and putting the fourth plant into a 4/5 gallon container I had left over from walmart. My balcony is going to turn into a jungle!!  I definitely have more plants than I originally planned but I am happy. I like to have my morning cup of tea up there, just watching all the plants and checking out the little vegetables that are starting to fruit. It makes me happy to watch them grow!

I couldn't capture the whole balcony in a picture and I may try to capture it by video. Here are some pictures showing how my balcony transformed from empty balcony to a full container vegetable garden!
Empty balcony with a lone table
Some plants potted up and barricaded to prevent wind damage
Putting up wind barrier
All plants potting up, final face of container vegetable garden


  1. Your plants look very big and healthy. The chair and table made your balcony look like a modern garden.

  2. Hey, I see a couple more feet of possible gardening space there! And what are you doing with my patio table? LOL!

    Good job, the plants look great.

  3. MKG, thanks!

    Annie, I know, I was going to fill it completely then realized the plants grow:)

  4. This is great, the balcony will look so lush once everything has matured!

  5. Elaine, I know. I'm so excited. I'm so glad I found your blog early on since I'm learning so much from it! Thanks!!