Monday, May 23, 2011

My plan worked!

I read that zucchini flowers open in the morning and close in the evening. I went out to the balcony first thing in the morning with Q-tips with the intention to hand pollinate some zucchinis and other flowers. The zucchini female and male flowers were in bloom, but I quickly noticed little bugs flying around the flowers I bought to attract beneficial insects. Upon closer inspection, it was clear that my master plan was successful. Buzzing around the flowers were tiny tiny insects (bees, I think) that were really cute! I think I mentioned this before, but I am not good with insects. I really don't like most things that crawl, squiggle or flies (even butterflies). So you will never hear me say "cute" and "insect" in the same sentence. But these little bee looking things were really cute! I think gardening will be good for my insect-phobia. I noticed the other day that I smiled when I saw a lady bug. I am totally changing! Here is a picture of the flowers I bought....can you spot the bee? You definitely need to enlarge the photo.
My camera isn't very good with zooming (or I cannot used it correctly) so it is not so easy to spot. But look he/she/it is!
This next one is a little harder. I had to look for a while and I took the picture!
Can you see it? can you? If you did, then you probably did well with the "where's Waldo" books. Here is the little guy! Again, so cute:) I wish I had a better camera!


  1. Congratulations. That was definitely a bee!

  2. I see the bee! Very tiny but effective. I love these little flowers. But it is too hot where I live and they would fry!

  3. I really like the color that all the flowers bring to the garden. Now I just need to get some pots for them so they will continue to attract the cute little bees!

  4. I'm glad you put the arrow on him :o) , these old eyes were too busy looking at the beauty of the flowers ...nice job

  5. Hi Gingerbreadshouse! I took the picture and I had to squint and enlarge the photo:) Such cute bees. Thanks for stopping by!