Friday, May 27, 2011

Flowers on the peas!...and tomato leaves curling

The peas are growing very quickly and they are starting to outgrow the trellis. I'm not sure if I should build a taller support because I wouldn't be able to reach that high anyway. I'm wondering if I can coax the plants to grow sideways. I also noticed some flowers yesterday, I didn't notice it earlier because they camouflage pretty well with the foliage. I'm very happy to see the flowers because I was thinking it might be too hot for the peas to produce any pods. Looks like I might be able to harvest a couple of peas!
Super Snap pea flower
The peas shooting up above the trellis
I noticed that the tomato leaves were curling up. I was a little concerned but I read here and other sites that this type of curling is the plant adjusting to changes in the environment (it has been really hot the past couple of day). I know I haven't been over-watering so I definitely think the plant is adjusting to the heat (makes sense to try to reduce surface area by curling). I also read that sometimes if the foliage grows quicker than the roots, it curls up like this to reserve energy for root growth. I feel so bad that this plant is confined to this container so the roots can't really grow so much. Hopefully it will do OK.
 On a happier note, the arugula is coming back I think! I moved it from direct sun to a space under the balcony - I think it is much happier there.
Arugula on the top, mescluns in bottom container
I just love the flowers on the ichiban eggplant. I didn't know I was such a flower person, but I guess I am!


  1. You could definitely get the peas going sideways. I did that with some of mine this year and they did very well. You will have to let shoots go a few inches vertical and then really gently lean them over and tied them to the horizontal support. And you'll repeat that many times, but it can be done :)

    Thanks for the leaf curl info! One of mine just started doing that and I thought for sure it meant it was infected with something terrible... but if it's just adjusting we can handle that :)

  2. Your peas are doing well! Congrats on the pea flowers. You'll be harvesting pods in no time. My peas are still yet to flower. I love pea flowers. They're so pretty!!

  3. You can train them sideways for peas, beans or cucumbers. The eggplant flower are very pretty.

  4. Mary - I read that if it is a virus infection, the leaves curl down first and then up. I never saw them curl down so this is my best guess. Plus plant is flowering well and fruiting as well.

    Holly, the pea flowers are really cute. Very different from other flowers.

    MKG, I am going to try to get them to grow sideways so I can reach the pods:)

  5. Yeah the flowers on eggplant are so cool! I'm growing blue potatoes this year not only b/c it'd be fun but b/c the flowers are so pretty.

    Everything looks great in your city garden!