Friday, May 20, 2011

More flowers!...and baby veggies?!

For the past couple of days, I went out of state for a job interview. I realized how much I am addicted to this gardening project. Here are some things that make me sure I need to find a support group for gardening addiction:
1) I checked the weather in Baltimore pretty consistently
2) I noticed all the gardening stores and took me all my effort not to go to one
3) Was reading other gardening blogs than reviewing my job talk
4) Took a mental note that if offered the job will need to negotiate on the start date for after the harvest is complete
5) Seeked out gardening magazine at the airport (didn't buy one though) rather than the fashion/fitness magazines

After being away for 3 days, I find my garden was doing very well. In fact there are now many beautiful flowers.
Zucchini flower
Ichiban eggplant flower
Jalapeno pepper flower
Early Girl 50 flowers
I think I also see little baby vegetables!
Early girl 50, can you see the little green tomato-looking thing?
I'm not sure but sure looks like zucchini may be forming? I thought they need to be pollinated...?
The basil should be trimmed a little. They are getting quite bushy and the leaves are large and shiny.
I am also trying to harden off the tomato and pepper seedlings but it is very difficult.
Here is what the balcony looks like with it fully screened out. One is patched photo, the other is a panorama. My picture taking skills are limited and cannot get one nice picture to capture the whole balcony. This weekend I plan to make a couple of self-watering containers. I also want to get some flowers, maybe more marigold.
Patched picture
Panoramic picture


  1. Everything looks great! Yes, the zucchini does need to be pollinated. If there are no male flowers on it, the small squash will begin to shrivel up and will eventually die. If you see that is happening, you can pick them right away and use them in a salad.

    I was going to send you about six varieties of basil seeds, but it looks like you have enough!

  2. Good luck on the job you interviewed for! Your veggies are so healthy to be producing beautiful flowers like that! Zucchini do need to be pollinated. The flowers with what looks like a baby zucchini under it are the female blossoms. The one with just the stem are male. Like Granny said, if there's only female flowers and no males, just pick the flowers and use them in your cooking. I like to stuff the blossoms. It sometime happens early in the season. The male flowers are shy and sometimes take time to produce.

  3. Thanks Holly and Granny. I will keep a close eye on the little zucchinis:)

  4. I am curious how the ichiban eggplants look like. I never heard about it before. All your plants look pretty good even you went travelling. Good Luck on the job!

  5. Malay-Kadazan girl - me too! I can't wait for all the vegetables!

  6. Looks great! Marigold would be good because besides being pretty they help keep pests away!