Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More space and fertilizing

I think I am going to move some of my plants, maybe peas to a very narrow space on the ground floor where one pot of peas and 2 zucchini plants reside. I will decide a little bit later which ones to move.
The zucchinis here are quickly outgrowing their pots.  I really don't want 4 big pots of zucchinis since the leaves get so large and take up much space. I'll keep these two in the little pots and maybe try to add soil to the rim. They'll just have to stay small:)
The majority of the pots I'm using are mainstay self-watering container from Walmart. The smaller one I am using takes 41 cups of soil (~2.5 gallons) and the larger is either 4 or 5 gallons. I really wanted to make 5 gallon buckets but trying to get free buckets from restaurants/stores was stressing me out so I bought these instead (cheap and pretty looking). The zucchini, eggplant (large pot), jalapeno (small pot), peas (small) are doing OK in their respective planters, but the larger pot is definitely too small for the early girl tomato.
Zucchini in the smaller 2.5 gallon pot (left), and larger 4-5 gallon pot (right)
 The tiny zucchinis forming in the smaller container were getting curled up since there wasn't enough space for them to grow straight. I decided I need to put some soil underneath the plant so that the the leaves and tiny zucchinis are sitting closer to the rim of the pot (thus more space to grow).
Adding soil underneath the zucchini
The surgery was successful, but I had a couple of casualties :-(
I also fertilized my plants. I bought these "organic" fertilizer.
 I'm not sure how I feel about organic versus non-organic fertilizers. I don't know enough to make an educated decision about which is better. At the store, I correctly remembered seeing the Jobes fertilizer here, which makes me feel better about using it because I think she has an amazing rooftop garden out in Brooklyn.
Here is the fertilizer pellet, I used 5-6 for the big and 3-4 for the smaller pot
I  feel better buying something that says "organic" but what really is "organic" fertilizer? Plus my soil came with fertilizer so probably my garden is no longer truly organic. I'll just do my best for now. As I get more experienced I am sure I will figure out what organic gardening is, and what works and doesn't work for me.


  1. I am not really sure but zucchini need deep pots to grow well. If it is not upright you can let it crawl downwards as long as it face the sun. Wow you will be harvesting many zucchinies soon.

  2. MKG, I will have to move the pot around so that it get direct sunlight. It will be nice to have zucchinis...I will be happy if I have too much than none. Though any amount of vegetable will be a success for me:)