Monday, May 30, 2011

It is hotter than my thermometer!

The temperature according to is 96F. But my thermometer on the balcony says otherwise. It is so hot! In between movies, BBQ and going out to dinner I've been gardening (there is so much to do!). There is so much to do! I am determined to pot all the plants I started from seeds so my balcony is going to be more crowded than I originally planned. I just can't get myself to throw away them away.
It is unbearably hot on the balcony, but the sun is good for the herbs. I thought they were happy when I had them indoors, but I realized that they are much happier outside. Clearly the thyme and rosemary are much stronger and greener now. The rosemary are actually growing upward rather than scrawling around all over the place.
I made 2 self-watering pots using 18gallon containers. I was initially wanting to put 3 plants in each container but quickly realized it is too small for 4. I put 3 of the pepper plants (Chinese giant sweet pepper) in one and 2 tomatoes (either homestead or supersweet 100) in the other. I have 5 more tomato plants left so I plan to make 4 5-gallon self-watering container and put the last in a 4/5 gallon bucket from walmart. I used to water the plants using empty juice and soda bottles. Now this is not manageable so I invested in a hose making the watering process much quicker. An great upgrade for the balcony container garden!
The wonderful hose and 3 pepper plants in 18 gallon bucket
2 tomatoes in 18 gallon bucket
I also transplanted all the basil from the seaweed experiment and one tomato seedling and put in a pot up front with the petunias. I'm not sure if the tomato will fruit but it is worth a try. Hopefully the slugs will not get the basil!


  1. cool containers! How long can you leave them alone without watering?

  2. Until recently, I only needed to water them once a day (except the tomato). Now with the heat, i water then in the morning and by the time I get back the reservoirs are empty. I am working on getting some bottle irrigation system since with the condition now, I won't be able to go anywhere:)

  3. Wow that is hot! It is usually that hot here by now. You balcony garden is doing so great! You are really prepared what with your wind barrier and all.