Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Quick pics of little little veggies

The weather is getting more summer-like. The hot weather must be good for the plants since I found a couple of small vegetables forming (in addition to the zucchinis). Great progress on this balcony container vegetable garden! I'm getting a little preview of the harvest to come?!
Little Ichiban eggplant
Little jalapeno pepper
Little Early Girl 50


  1. How exciting!!! Can you send some of that sunshine over this way?

  2. You will be more and more spending your time in your garden now that it is getting busy with bloom and fruit development. Not long you will be rewarded.

  3. Holly, it is getting very warm...the humidity though makes it a little on the uncomfortable side...

    MKG - I hope so! I'm amazed at how quickly the veggies grow!