Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Herbs in the garden

The hot weather is doing great things for the rosemary and german thyme. The plants are getting lush and look generally healthier than when they were growing inside. I would really love to learn more recipes using these herbs.
German thyme looking strong
Rosemary smelling wonderful!
The basil and oregano don't like the heat as much. The oregano is turning purple and bolting. I've pinched the flowers but I think I need to move it to a shadier area.
Both the purple and sweet basil leaves are narrowing. The plant itself is very strong (ie: the stems are hard) but these are also starting to bolt.
Purple basil turning green?
Sweet basil are curled up and the leaves are very hard
I will be moving them to a cooler area in front of the house. If you compare the basil plant on the balcony with the basil in the container with the tomato plant out front, you can definitely tell the difference. The leaves on the plant in the cooler spot is larger compared to the ones on the balcony. The balcony basil are considerably stiffer.
The balcony basil used to look like this before the heat wave

My only concern about moving the basil here are slugs. So far the slugs have not found their way up to the balcony but last year when I had the basil on the ground floor outside, they slugs feasted on them. EWWW. I will have to keep a close eye on them! The dill is also doing so much better now that it is out direct sunlight. I love dill and hope to use it more in my cooking.
So now I have a little bit of space on the balcony. I'll have to see if there are herbs that are particularly resistant to heat (any suggestions?). I'm wondering if the jade plants would do well in the heat. They are generally unhappy in the house and I saw some of neighbors with HUGE jade plants in front of their homes. I love these plants but succulent tend to die in my hands...


  1. Your herbs have really come along!! I don't have too many recipes with thyme but I love rosemary. Try these:


    I hope you can find a cooler spot for your herbs!

  2. I am not very good cooking with herbs. Although I grow some, I usually forget to use them .You have so many herbs collection.

  3. Holly - cool! thanks for the link! I will have to try those recipes out.

    MKG - Last year, I didn't use much of the basil...so this year I want to make sure I use as much of the herbs as possible. But they are lovely to look at too!

  4. Grow sage for thanksgiving stuffing, lavender&chamomile for a soothing bath oil ? , ginger to make pickled ginger , grow garlic for the greens in omelettes and stirfry? parsley for tabbouleh and garnishes. kaffir lime leaves for thai cooking. Arabian Jasmine for tea, Lemon Verbena to add a lemony zest. Tulsi Basil is very heat resistent ?