Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's on (part 2)! Me vs squash vine borers - the preemptive strike

The battle with the elements continues here at charm city balcony garden and also at charm city community garden. Last year I lost my summer squash plant to vine borers, fortunately it was after I harvested a good number of delicious squashes. I even performed surgery on the bigger of the two plants I had. If I remember correctly, I got a couple more tiny squashes afterwards, but it never truly recovered. This year, I have 1 squash planted in the community garden and I also plan to have 1 for the container garden (which I have yet to start). When I transplanted the squash seedling to the community garden, I took a preventative measure that I read about online:
I wrapped nylon socks at the base of the squash plant. I wasn't sure if it was too early for this, but I don't think it will hurt the plant. The nylon can expand as the squash grows, my only concern is that the nylon will promote fungus and/or mold especially because it is so humid here.  I'll just be optimistic and feel good about being a prepared gardener!