Saturday, May 12, 2012

Protecting my tomatoes

Out of the 5 tomato plants, 2 (cherokee purple and brandywine) were completely destroyed by the birds/squirrel. One seedling (second cherokee purple) was torn up pretty badly but I feel like it can recover.  I  have 2 cherokee purple seedlings that I started from seeds that are almost ready for transplanting. I am thinking one can go to the community garden and the other I will grow in a 5 gallon container. Instead of the brandywine (I have a second one in the garden that was not killed), I decided to get San Marzano tomato. I also caged them up using wire fencing as a temporary fix. These cages are too short and will need to replaced eventually. The garden is getting pretty full. I am trying to figure out if I can squeeze in some cucumbers...I love cucumbers and would love to taste some fresh out of the garden.


  1. great! Hopefully that will deter the big pests!

  2. Hope it works, birds have been my nemesis. They always seem to go after the smallest plants.

  3. Its exciting that you have more space to grow now other than your balcony. I tried planted tomato closely with cucumber but it did not go well. Perhaps not liking each other company?

    1. I'll take that into consideration! Maybe I can find some space on the balcony. Thanks!